Weifang Zhisheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Weifang Economic Development Zone. The northern part of weifang is the production base for raw salt, soda ash and bromine products, and the development of salt chemical industry has a unique resource advantage.

Weifang Zhisheng has its own factory, calcium chloride series products, snow melting agent series products, magnesium chloride series products, sodium bicarbonate series products, sodium metabisulfite, products are widely used in chemical industry, oil field, mining, construction, transportation, smelting, medicine, light Industrial, food and other industries.

What Can We do for you?

  • Reasonable price, Professional knowledge, Instant respond
  • Prompt Delivery (7-15 days)
  • Custom packing, Custom printing marks, Custom logos
  • Flexible payment terms (T/T, L/C), FOB, CIF, CFR quotation available
  • Quality control before shipment, the third party inspection (mostly SGS);
  • Free sample and Free DHL Fee

Our Advantages:

1. Direct Manufacturer and Exporter:
As a direct manufacturer and exporter, we cut out intermediaries, ensuring cost-effectiveness and seamless communication throughout the production and export processes.

2. Rich Experience:
Backed by years of experience, we bring extensive knowledge and expertise to every aspect of our operations, guaranteeing a reliable and seasoned approach to meeting your needs.

3. Certified Excellence:
We hold prestigious certifications, including ISO, Halal, and Food Safety certificates, underscoring our commitment to producing products of the highest quality and adhering to international standards.

4. Professional Lab Inspection:
Our dedicated lab inspection team ensures that each product undergoes thorough scrutiny, meeting stringent quality benchmarks before reaching our customers.

5. Rigorous Quality Control:
Stringent quality control measures are ingrained in our production processes, assuring you of consistently high-quality products with every order.

6. Third-Party Inspection:
We welcome third-party inspections before loading, providing an additional layer of assurance and transparency to our customers.

7. Competitive Pricing:
Enjoy the benefits of good quality at a competitive price. We strive to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on product excellence.

8. Prompt Shipment:
Our commitment to prompt shipment ensures that your orders are processed efficiently, reducing lead times and ensuring timely delivery.

9. Professional Loading:
Our loading processes are executed with professionalism, guaranteeing that your products are handled with care. Expect no damaged bags, no contamination, and no shortages – just the quality you deserve.

We take pride in these advantages, assuring our clients of a seamless experience, superior quality, and a lasting partnership.