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Weifang Zhisheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Weifang Economic Development Zone. The northern part of weifang is the production base for raw salt, soda ash and bromine products, and the development of salt chemical industry has a unique resource advantage.

Weifang Zhisheng has its own factory, calcium chloride series products, snow melting agent series products, magnesium chloride series products, sodium bicarbonate series products, sodium metabisulfite, products are widely used in chemical industry, oil field, mining, construction, transportation, smelting, medicine, light Industrial, food and other industries.


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  • Calcium chloride REACH

    Calcium chloride REACH

    REACH is an EU safety regulation covering the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. From 1 June 2007, substances of very high concern imported into the EU may require authorisation. Manufacturers and importers of goods imported into the EU in quantities of 1 tonne or more per year must register with the European Chemicals…

  • Calcium Chloride Global Markets and Forecast to 2023

    Calcium Chloride Global Markets and Forecast to 2023

    Markets for calcium chloride Calcium chloride prices felduring the first three months of 2023,which was ascribed to weak demand fromdownstream businesses like the construction sector.Low Price trends were further influenced by the drop in feedstock limestone pricesacross the USA during the first two months of 2023..As limestone prices rose,the demand from the construction sector upstream…

  • Influencing Factors on the Price of Calcium Chloride

    Influencing Factors on the Price of Calcium Chloride

    Calcium chloride can be divided into powder, flakes, and liquid forms, each with its specific packaging methods based on different specifications. Liquid calcium chloride, being a water solution, is transported in specialized tank trucks with tight and secure covers. This implies higher transportation costs, especially for long-distance shipments. However, the manufacturing cost of liquid calcium…

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